I’d learned many word today!! :D

Today, I’d learned many English word from my Great English Teacher 😀
My teacher is Kel.
She don’t teach me direct word mean, she used another word. That is great!! I can understand naturally the word mean 😀

Today’s Lesson’s Word

  • steady
    Steady mean is regular or even. For example, My weight increase steady…  ( ꒪⌓꒪)
  • meeting
    This word is noun. For example, We had a meeting for our future.
  • alert
    This word is difficult for me. But I got it. 😀
    Alert mean is quick to notice something.( ← from teacher’s text )
    This word is short time event.( Is it correct? )
    For example, I alert my bag at Old urban area. ( ← Old urban area is from Google 😛 )
  • benefit
    Benefit mean is something gained. I don’t know “geined” mean. This word mean is something plus.
    For example, My benefit is that I can get a lot of English word mean.
  • absent
    Absent mean is missing. Antonyms word is “Present”.( antonyms is from Google 😛 )
    For example, I am absent from work because I am sick.( teacher’s example )
  • snail
    Snail is “KATATSUMURI”.
  • facial
    Facial mean is about all of face things. This word have two mean. One is noun, another is adjective.
  • supple
    Supple mean is soft and smooth. Like baby’s face.
    For example, After facial her skin is supple.
  • slime(slimy)
    Slime mean is sticky liquid that is unpleasant to touch.( ← from teacher )
    For example, Natto is slimy Japanese Food.
  • at a snail’s pace
    This sentence mean is very slow.
    For example, My Lifetime is at a snail’s pace.

That it!!
Today is so excited for me. May word gained. 😀