I had an English lesson today.

I had an English lesson today.
My teacher is Kel. Great teacher 😀

I got many word

Today is my first lesson.
My teacher check my English level some questions during short conversation.

First word

In this conversation, I learn the word “hangover”.
I experienced hangover when I was 20 years old. I drank 1.8 liter Japanese alcohol “Shochu”. Next day, I had a hangover. It’s a harmful…

The first word is “hangover”.

Second word

Sometimes I want to know programing tips at Internet.
Then I read a document, but sometimes happen to meet unknown word.
So I copy and paste to Google Translate.

After reading document, I understand. But few days after, I forget. Today I met these situation. I read the word “improve”.

My teacher teach me “improve” mean. It mean is “better than before”!!
When I heard this word, I got this meaning deeper in my head.
The second word is “improve”. 😀

Third word

The third word is “spread”.
I knew “spread” word’s sound. But I don’t know it mean.

“spread” one of  mean is to affect a larger number of people.

4th word

The forth word is “harmful”.
It mean is “dangerous”.

Example( my teacher )

Smoking is harmful to your health.

Example( hahaha… it’s me → after my teacher modified )

When you are going to have a drive, you must have a good sleep because you don’t want harmful things to happen to you.

5th word

The fifth word is “germ”.
It mean is “a very small living thing that causes disease”.

Example( my teacher )

Wash your hands before you cook so you don’t spread germs.
This sentence contains two words “spread and germs” 😀

6th word

The sixth word is “crawl”.
It mean is “to move on your hands and knees”.

Example( my teacher )

Soldiers crawl in the mud.

Other words

  • noun
  • verb
  • adjective

It’s grammer 😀

I got a homework

I will try to do my homework 😀